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The law is constantly changing and the attorneys and staff at Marchal & Marchal, Ltd. are committed to staying on top of those changes to best represent our clients.  Visist this page from time to time to stay informed of the changes happening at our firm as well as the changes happening in the law that might affect you.


If we’re asking the question, you know what our answer is, right? Well, the fact is that we are currently experiencing a turbulent time in the world of estate planning. Gone are the days when the estate tax code was written for 10 years at a time. Instead, we are in the midst of a 2 year “band-aid” approach at the Federal level. And, the estate tax codes at both the State and the Federal levels are set for significant changes on January 1, 2013.

Along with the tax code changes, we have seen tremendous appreciation in the value of farm ground in Darke County over the last 7 years. With this enormous increase in asset values comes greater concern about transferring those assets at or prior to death.

Even for those who don’t have major estates which involve estate tax, there are still concerns about the current Medicaid rules if you or a loved one are facing the prospect of extended nursing home stays.

Given the rapidly changing world of estate planning, we encourage you to review your estate plans frequently. To us, this process is best served when a long-term relationship can be established between an attorney and a client. Quality client relationships have been a cornerstone of Marchal & Marchal, Ltd. for three generations and we have made it a priority to ensure that we are well-positioned to provide stability and continuity of service for our clients for years to come.

If you are ready to review your estate plan, an attorney at Marchal & Marchal, Ltd. would be happy to assist you, just call our office at (937) 548-1125 to set up an appointment today.

John Marchal, Jr.